Rock the Bells X… on the launch pad

It’s no secret I have worked a few music festivals in my time… well, past 8 years to exact, with majority coming from playing a role in Rock the Bells. And this year is no exception… sorta.

This past week, I got up close and personal with the hologram (yes, I have dissected and studied the Tupac hologram to seconds of how they pulled it off), communicated with various of RTB X artist management, worked with the festival departments on advancing their logistical needs, and then it hit me… “Oh sh*t, this is really happening… and I better not screw up.” It is easy to say at this point that all my festival experiences and knowledge are being tested… and its awesome.

snapshot of the festival and what I need to know.

Snapshot of my workspace for the festival and the details I gotta know.

Without spoiling any details (mainly cause I’d get in trouble), I can say this festival will be pretty friggin awesome. The secrets out that there will be a hologram for each festival date (EAZY-E and ODB). But what’s pretty unique for the show and production world is the fact that we kinda are the pioneers for a festival taking a hologram on tour… and yea, it’s a b*tch of headache going thru the logistical planning of figuring out how to do it right in 8 times at 4 different venues. Luckily, I feel like there are a lot of great people involved to make it happen and put on an amazing experience for those attending.

This week is the official start of show week. All the planning now begins to unfold and become a reality (uh, for better or worse). Monday will be the last full day in office for production crew, then its off to San Manuel Amp to begin building will be known to the world as Rock the Bells X… Arguably the most unique show Guerilla Union will have ever produced. Thankful for tons and tons of people and shows I have been part of to prepare me for these next 5 weeks. Now its time to see what kind of ride this one will be. Let’s rock.

Coach Joaquin Mix #1

Solid 30min interval running workout. Great for rebuilding/beginner runners or  advance runners that need to stay sharp with interval work. Initially created for my athletes at the University of Portland, the sharing and feedback received, this mix will be the beginning of many.

Coach Joaquin Mix #1


BBC Olympic Coverage FTW!!!

Olympic time is here!
And if you’re like me when trials were on, watching with NBC commentary and edited races were annoying and… well… not very epic. To be sure NBC didn’t spoil this round of Olympics for me, I became excited to hear of BBC’s live coverage and FREE. But of course, trying to login from the States, this woulda killed NBC viewage. Fortunately, I don’t get defeated easy, and technology and I tend to get along well when it comes to the world of the internet… so here are my 3 tested and working solutions I’ve found for watching BBC Olympic Coverage  through your computer FREE.

BBC Coverage:

1. Expat Shield

Platform: Windows

Difficulty: Easy

Time: ~ 3 mins

ExpatShield “shields” your computer and makes you anonymous in the web. It also changes your IP addy to the United Kingdom… so it pretty much identifies you as being in the United Kingdom. Easy to install and works like a champ! Streaming is great too. This is my best solution so far.

Download, install, connect, login… occasional banner ad appears, click it away, no worries.

2. Tor Browser

Platform: Windows and Mac

Difficulty: Medium

Time: ~ 10 mins

Tor Browser takes a few extra steps, but works for the mac and opens door for more possibilities other than UK streaming. It simplifies finding open IP addresses throughout the world, and allows you to tap into them. In this case, there’s some quick edits that need to be done to tell it to grab open UK IP addresses and plug them into the Tor Browser (which is a modified Firefox). Connection is about 70% of your actual connection speed, lags a little bit compared to Expat Shield.


Instructions to install:

NOTE: When this step comes, note the following. You just have to write at the top of the documents :

ExitNodes {GB}

StrictNodes 1

And then, you just have to make a selection of this two lines, and at the bottom select “Apply selection only” and then “ok”.

3. Foxy Proxy

Platform: Windows and Mac (plugin for Firefox)

Difficulty: Varies… but aint easy

Time: Varies… 15mins?

FoxyProxy is a plugin for Firefox. Basically, it is the manual version of Tor Browser. It allows you to change your IP address to anything in world… but it can be tricky. I’ve done this before, but it can be very slow unless you PAY for an IP address or you get lucky. Link is below, but I recommend the first two options.


Burrito Ride

what i am training for these days. I have always wanted to do some sort of long tour of a bike ride… and then this came to mind. haha! this is gonna be interesting. oh, and that hot sauce, well, it was reeeeally hot!

Dec 16: 300m Challenge

Carter Griffin and Joaquin Ortiz line up for an 300m exhibition. Held at University of Portland’s Chiles Center 240m indoor track… needless to say, we were both past our Track and Field primetime as Broncos.

Training Goal

In helping friends create workouts or train, the first question I ask them is what is their training goal. From there, I usually don’t get much of a response. So to help define something to workout purposes, here’s what I recommend  as a quick and easy guideline for a training goal.

A training goal is a short, concise, general statement of the overall purpose of a training program or activity. Ultimately, allows you to determine what your training will be comprised of.